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About Us

We invest in the potential, knowledge and passion of people, while guaranteeing access to the latest technologies in the world. This approach allows us to constantly implement new technological and technical solutions and create new quality products and services.

We work with the best and for the best, therefore our products meet the highest quality expectations. We constantly demand more from ourselves to stay ahead of others.

At the beginning of our activity, we focused on cooperation with clients from the domestic market and from across the eastern border.

Then, along with the dynamic development, we began expansion to other countries in the region. Although the domestic market is still the most important for us in terms of sales volume, we do not forget about exports and today our products can be found in most countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

We are ecological, we use recycled raw materials in our production. With the current development of technology, we are able to recover the treasures hidden in both consumer and industrial waste. Such a solution contributes to the global decline in water and energy consumption while respecting the environment.